Entry #1

Welcoming Myself to You

2012-10-11 17:46:44 by Augustyne

My name is Augustyne and I draw on DeviantART, I'm not sure how I got here but I'm glad I did. I'm a nice person to get along with!

DA: Augustyne.deviantart.com
Website: www.randomcaseofnothing.com

Visit Me ^_^

P.S. Yes that is me!


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2012-12-16 20:48:51

ur web sitewas taken down

Augustyne responds:

No it wasn't. I missed a letter in the title. It's fixed now!


2012-12-16 22:04:07

u sound cool, but u have no work for me to grade! XD go back to class! XDXDXD wtf

Augustyne responds:

I will post some from my portfolio.